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Cabbage, chopped- 15gms
Carrot, chopped- 10gms
Mushrooms, chopped- 10 gms
Broccoli, chopped- 10 gms
Baby corn, chopped - 10 gms
Cauliflower, chopped - 10 gms
Spring Onions, chopped- 5 gms
Wontons Sheets - 6 to 8 Nos (ready made)
Sweet Chilli Sauce - 40 ml
Seasoning - To Taste
Avenir’s Kook Rice bran oil- For Frying

In a bowl take all finely chopped vegetables
Add seasoning into the mixture and mix well
Place 1 tbsp of the mixture in each wontons sheet, fold into triangles and
seal the ends with wet hands properly
Deep fry the wontons in hot oil till golden brown colour
Serve with sweet chilli sauce

This is a very versatile appetizer which is prepared in many ways. These are tiny little parcels filled with your choice of stuffing..