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Home / Home cheese balls recipe

150 gms - Cottage Cheese, Mashed
50 gms - Cheddar Cheese, Grated
5o grams Potato, mashed
¼ Tsp - Crushed Pepper
1 tsp - Coriander Chopped
½ Tsp - Parsley Chopped
½ Tsp- Curry Powder
Seasoning - To Taste
½ Cup-Bread Crumbs
Avenir’s Kook Rice bran oil (for frying)
Tomato Ketchup

In a bowl combine all ingredients and mix well
Divide the mixture into 15 grams portions of equal size
Heat oil in a fryer and deep fry the cheese balls until golden brown in colour
Serve hot with tomato ketchup .

Cheese Balls is a perfect starter recipe and will be loved by all age groups , as it has the best combination of two cheeses..